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Created 6/30/2022


6/25/22 - Poshmark - Your sale “Nine West ~ Hannah ~ Mules / Clogs” have been delivered and auto-accepted.

Created 6/30/2022


6/23/22 - Poshmark Review (Fleur de Lune Stoneware "Chantilly" Cereal Bowl)

Created 6/30/2022


6/17/22 - Poshmark - Your sale “Bella Fruit ~ Vegetable Bowl” has been delivered and auto-accepted.

Created 6/30/2022


6/6/22 - Poshmark - Your sale “Wooden Curio Shadow Knick Knack Display Wall Shelf” has been delivered and auto-accepted.

Created 6/2/2022


5/31/22 - Poshmark Review - (Brown Lei Belt)

Updated 6/30/2022


5/7/22 - Poshmark - Your sale “Men's 30x32 Phys. Sci Carpenter Jeans” has been delivered and auto-accepted.

Created 4/29/2022

Kilala Chan

Bought the diffuser/humidifier. It works great in small areas like car or in the office. Two things that could be improved about this product is 1: I feel the usb port should be moved so that the mist stream does not fall on it or they could have put a cover on it. 2: Although the top fits on snuggly to the body of the diffuser, I would prefer that it screwed on for stability. I do like that it has color changing lights. Over all a decent product. Arrived sooner than expected.

Updated 5/1/2022


4/21/22 - Poshmark - Good news! Your sale “Fiber Optic Rotating Floral Centerpiece Lamp ~ Hexagon Shaped” has been delivered and accepted by your buyer.

Created 4/20/2022

Jacob Sanchez

4/19/22 Great playing card, as describef.

Created 4/20/2022

Louise Pollard


Created 4/20/2022

Edwina Hamilton

4/17/22 I have been looking for this vase for sometime & happened to stuble upon your site. Easy to use site, will check you out again.

Created 4/20/2022

Tammie Jones


Created 4/20/2022

Darlene Snider

4/16/22 Was concerned about using a new website but was referred by a friend & so happy I decided to give you a try. The serving platter, gravy boat & salt & pepper shakers complete my set & I couldn't be happier. Thank You!

Created 4/20/2022

Tom Sims

4/13/22 I purchased the Airequipt Sliders & am pleased.

Created 4/20/2022

Jessica Bailey

4/12/22 Glasses as described, they match my set & I am beyond thrilled. Thank you so much for shipping them so quickly.

Created 4/20/2022

Rita Holmes

4/9/22 Facebook (Wooden Handmade "Whatever" Box)

Created 4/20/2022

Tina Parker

4/8/22 Dishes as described. Thnks!

Created 4/20/2022

James VanderLinden