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1) Start Business

2) Create Website

3) Add Products

4) Get Customers

5) Treat Customers
    Like Family

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1) Need Name

2) Design Logo

3) What to sell?

4) Get Products

5) Pray

Magnolia Flower

Secondhand Products/ Gently Used Items
Merchandise for sale
Must have Things for Home at the Right Price
Memorable Treasures only Here Right now

Magnolia Background photo


Magnolia Treasure Hut & Remnants


Was created because my sister & I had soooooo much stuff in our homes that we no longer

needed or wanted so we thought, "What better way, than to put them out on the internet and sell

them".  Now you may ask, "Why not use other sites like Ebay, Amazon, Poshmark, etc.?" and the

answer is simple, we do.  We do have some items out on other sites, but because these sites take a

percentage (%) of what we might make, we have to list them for more, which costs you more.  So, by 

creating our own website, we can offer our items to you for less, which is better for you, our customers. 


In addition to this, as we began talking to our friends, our family, friends of friends, friends of

family (you get the picture) it became clear that there are a lot of people out there who also want to get

rid of items in their homes, but they just don't know how to put them on the internet or they just don't

have the time to get them out there to sell, so we are here to help with that too

(See our "Services" page for more details) ......  


And That is how we Blossomed!! 


For My Beautiful Sister Betsy Whom I Miss So Very Much

Wish You Were Here 

February 1973 - July 2022


Magnolia Logo without wording or white background

* A special Thank You to our Nephew John,

who helped us get this site up & running!  Without him,

we would not be.  ~  Love You John!

AND to My Niece/My Sister's Daughter, Jessica,

for helping take photos so we can get more items up for sale!

:)  Your assistance has helped more than you know!  ~

Love You Jessica!

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