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Shipping Policy

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Updated:  8/1/2023




Because of a surprising rise in the cost of shipping & materials, we have tentatively started

charging a delivery charge for all item(s)/product(s) purchased on our website (see Shipping Rates below).

This change is effective immediately, but we hope it will only be temporary. 


Currently in the description area for most item(s)/product(s) it states “This item Ships for free”, which is no-longer accurate. 

The new delivery charge will apply to most items/products, however, there are some exclusions (see below for items not affected). 


We Appreciate Your Business & Understanding and Thank You For Your Patience While These Changes Are Being Implemented.

We are diligently working to remove this wording from all affected item(s)/product(s) and although it will take some time

to update each and every item/product, we hope to have everything updated and corrected by 12/31/2023.


Items Will Continue To Be Shipped Generally Within 1-2 Business Days After You Have Placed Your Order &

Can Be Expected To Arrive Within 3 to 5 Days After Being Shipped*.


All Items are Currently Only Shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS)

and We provide a Tracking Number for almost all purchases*.

* A Tracking Number will not be provided for Any Item/Product costing $3 or less (cost excludes delivery/shipping charge).

Shipping Is Only Available to 48 of the 50 United States and to the District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.).

We Currently Do-Not Ship to Alaska, Hawaii, the U.S. Territories or Overseas and

Orders Are Not Shipped On Weekends Or Holidays.


Items such as Digital Codes and Third-Party Shipping will not be affected by these changes.






                                                                                                           $ 0-$25             $10.00

                                                                                                           $25-$50             $16.00

                                                                                                           $50-$75             $24.00

                                                                                                           $75+                    FREE *

  * Restrictions Apply   


 * Please note that some item(s)/product(s) listed on are supplied by Third-Party Suppliers.  Magnolia Treasure Hut & Remnants

assumes no responsibility and is not responsible for the shipping policies of any Third-Party Supplier.  We update their shipping information as provided/

when notified.  Please read all item/product description information carefully, as processing/shipping information is listed for all Third-Party Supplied

item(s)/product(s) and their item/product shipping information differs greatly from ours.

* Shipping Rates Only apply to item(s)/product(s) that cost up to $50.00 to ship.  Purchasers who's item(s)/product(s) cost more than $50.00 to ship (i.e., large

items such as oversized portraits/wall hangings) will be billed/invoiced for any additional shipping and/or handling costs above $50.00.  This "Shipping Invoice"

must be paid prior to shipment of your item(s)/product(s).  Item(s)/product(s) will be held no longer than 24 hours after the Shipping Invoice has been sent.  If pay-

ment is not received after 24 hours, the item(s)/product(s) purchased will be put back into our inventory and a 25% restocking fee on the total purchase will apply

(this fee will apply once the purchase has been made ~ no exceptions).  We will make every effort to update any item/product description for an item/product we

believe may require additional shipping and/or handling.  Most items/products listed on our website cost under $50.00 to ship.

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